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System Status Updates from Cott Systems

Next Update:  TBD

Customer Update – January 17, 2023  4:54PM

Dear Valued Customer,

I am happy to inform you that all Cott hosted users have been enabled.  We are
definitely not done activating all of our services, but knowing that all offices are now
on-line is a relief!


Each supporting service and integration is now being examined and will be re-
established throughout the week.  External eSearch is a priority. 


Please look for upcoming emails as these additional applications and services go

Thank you for working with us and welcome back!

Deborah Ball, CEO

Dear Valued Customer,

This message is to notify you that your system has been cleared to begin processing documents.

Initial validation has completed on your system, and the following applications will now be available for use:

  1. Resolution3 with eRecording

  2. Verdict Civil

  3. Verdict Criminal

  4. Internal eSearch

Integrations with other applications or entities are not yet fully operational. Please note that some images that were saved before today are not yet available. You will, however, be able to view all new images saved from today forward immediately.

We will be sure to update you as more functionality becomes available.

Please contact Cott Customer Support if you need further assistance.

Thank you,

Customer Update – January 16, 2023  9:40PM

Dear Valued Customer:

Cott will have customers back on-line with basic functionality over the next few days. Rather than wait for all customers and all services to be functional before we “go-live” we will be notifying each of you individually as your service becomes available.

We will send a notice directly to the customers who have been cleared to begin processing starting later today and on an ongoing basis. The notices will go to the same recipients who have been receiving these communications.

Customer Support will be available on Monday if you have questions once your service is active.

Thank you for working with us!

Deborah Ball, CEO

Customer Update – January 15, 2023  5:58PM


Dear Valued Customer:
Today the team continues methodically validating each of our file servers that contain the system images.  Once a server is validated, it is connected to our applications where testers will run the application(s) to ensure that all is working normally.  These are the steps that must be completed for each customer prior to going live.


Cott intends to have all customers back on-line next week.  Because file servers are being cleared and applications tested one at a time, we will bring customers on-line as the process is completed versus everyone at once.  Once the team works through the night and the day tomorrow, I will know more details regarding an actual “go-live” schedule to share with you tomorrow.

At least we know now that the final steps are being taken!  I’m sure you will agree that it has been a difficult week of waiting!

Thank you for your patience.

Deborah Ball, CEO

Customer Update – January 14, 2023  5:14PM

Customer Update – January 13, 2023  5:03PM


Dear Valued Customer:
We continue to make progress.  The staff will be working all weekend with our third-party specialists.  I have been assured that they are moving through our millions of files containing data and images as quickly as possible.

I will update you when I have more details to share.

I wish you a pleasant weekend and am very sorry this is taking so long.


Deborah Ball, CEO


Dear Valued Customer:
We made good progress today!  Finally, with the additional infrastructure equipment integrated, we have about 70 percent of our virtual servers fully functioning.  I know you are seeking a timeframe for when your office will be fully functional - as am I!  I have not been given the exact day, but based on today’s progress, I am hopeful it is soon!    


Tomorrow, our business partners and agencies with whom we integrate will receive a statement.  It will be going to them via email.  You may also find it informative as it is a compilation of our previous communications.

Finally, you will see that we put a short statement on our website indicating that we are experiencing technical difficulties.

I am sorry this is taking so long and thank you for your understanding. 

Deborah Ball, CEO

Customer Update – January 12, 2023  5:06PM

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