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Juvenile & Non-support

Due to confidentiality laws, NO information regarding juvenile matters, including Children In Need of Care, Family In Need of Services, or Delinquent matters will be given.  You MUST contact the attorney for the family or juvenile if you are in need of any information.


These cases involve payment of a monthly child support obligation through the State of Louisiana (Department of Children and Family Services, Support Enforcement Division), wherein each case has a support enforcement case worker who monitors payments and brings the case back to court when needed.

Location Information:

Department of Children & Family Services

Support Enforcement

825 Kaliste Saloom Road

Brandywine 6 Suite 200

Lafayette, LA  70508

To contact your case worker, you must telephone the call center in Baton Rouge.  The call center will e-mail your case worker, and the case worker will telephone you back.  Please pay attention, as the case worker will attempt to contact you only one time for each time you initiate contact.

Call center number in Baton Rouge:  1-888-524-3578

Mail in payment address:

Centralized Collection Unit


P.O. Box 26022

Baton Rouge, LA  70526-0222

You must inclue your LASES Number (which can be found on the top of your obligation judgment) with all payments.  In addition, include your name, address and Social Security number on all payments.

More payment information and general information may be obtained from the CAFE' website which is provided by the Department of Children and Family Services.


If you would like to request child support, please contact the St. Martin Parish District Attorney's Office, Non-Support Division at 337-394-2218.



Non-Support Appeals must be filed in the Clerk of Court's office within five working days (exclusive of legal holidays and weekends) after the hearing date.  The appeal must be accompanied by a money order in the amount of $99.00 for cost of processing and serving the Notice of Appeal.  This amount is non-refundable.

You must include a valid service address for yourself and the opposing party (if necessary).  A hearing will be scheduled before a district court judge of which you (and opposing party if applicable) will be notified, and you will be required to appear for said hearing.

REMINDER - You are the mover; therefore, you must present your case to the court and provide documentation to support your claim.


If you would like to request a reduction of your child support obligation, please contact your case worker.  If they refer you to the Clerk of Court's office, please click on the links below for instructions and forms.  The Request for Modification must be accompanied by a money order in the amount of $99.00 for cost of processing and serving.  This amount is non-refundable.

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